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I Am Micore' Team

We are Micore' International Independent Consultants! Our team started in Dallas Texas after the official soft launch in Atlanta on September 22, 2012. We are excited about our decision to join Micore' International. Our team is growing fast and spreading all over the US and we would love for you to join us as we continue to grow. Please call the person who gave you this website and let's get started.


I joined Micore' International because it made sense. I own 3 businesses and I am an established entrepreneur for over 10 years. My husband and I said two years ago if someone built a hair networking business it would go viral. I understand business and I know when an opportunity like this is presented, it's time to seize it quickly and build a mega team of business professionals. My goal is to create wealth in our communities and pass on a legacy to our families. Hair is a Multi Billion Dollar industry that will continue to grow and I plan on taking a piece of that pie. Micore’ International has put together an excellent compensation plan and has delivered a quality product second to none and the first to come with a warranty!!!! Women will continue to buy hair, some good, some bad and some great. Micore International's hair just happens to be great, so with that said, I am glad I joined. We have an wonderful team of business minded people that know how to work together. Join our team and let's make it happen together.

Teresa Gilbert
I am Micore'
Plano, Texas


I am only 18, but I have been wearing hair extension since I was 15 years old and I had good hair and some bad hair. All my friends wear hair too and we save up $300.00 just to buy some good hair. This is a easy business and I can talk to just about anybody about hair so I joined because I plan on getting paid to wear my hair now and make money sending people to MY OWN website!! The hair is all of that and some.

Ashley Taylor
I am Micore'
Lathonia, GA


My love for God, family, friends and helping others is the driving force behind my choice to join Micore' International. Time and financial freedom for my family are paramount. We firmly believe people only get a few chances in life to be part of something bigger than them. Something that could make a profound positive difference to us and others we share it with for generations to come. This company's mission is to become the "Avon" of the multi-billion dollar hair care industry. Simply put, they plan to be the "World's Largest Direct Selling Hair Care Business". That's life changing stuff! How could I not want to be part of that? Think about it.....we all purchase or know someone who buys hair care products, wigs, extensions, etc. on a regular basis. Why not redirect that spending and put money back into our households? Why not get paid to wear hair? Why Buy Hair When You Can Buy A Hair Business? Micore' is a unique business opportunity for thousands of women and men to affordably join the multi-billion dollar hair care industry. The Micore' movement empowers us to stand up and say it is not okay to be treated with disrespect and bad customer service by local beauty supply stores with their no refund / no exchange policies. We have an unprecedented opportunity to help hair care professionals and consumers become business owners and pay themselves. I am passionate about the cause to return a large amount of our hard earned “dollars” back to our community. Thanks to Micoré, we all have a chance to look and feel more beautiful while accomplishing our financial, educational and career goals. Wearing Micoré hair adds simplicity to my day. The hair is naturally soft and it comes with an excessive shed and tangle free
warranty! That's shocking....right....what other company does that? I am a professional C.P.A., former hair stylist, loving wife, full-time stay at home mom, and Network Marketing enthusiast……I wear Micore’…….I love Micore’…….

Pat Williamson
I am Micore'
Keller, Texas


Hi. I’m Erica and I’m excited to be a part of the Micore International family. By profession, I’m a Physical Therapist. I’ve always enjoyed free enterprise. The ability to make as much or as little as you want and time freedom have always appealed to me. One of my goals is to be a stay home mom. When I was introduced to Micore International, I became excited because I knew this was the company that would help me achieve my goals and dreams. Hair is a Billion Dollar Industry. Many of us know people who purchase hair from people who don’t look like us and then are the experts in telling us what is “good hair “ and how to wear it. Not to mention, those billions of dollars that our community spends on hair isn’t even spent back in our communities. So, when I read the history of Micore International and one of the company’s goals was to put the money back into the marketplace of the people who were spending the
money that sold me on Micore International. Micore International I believe will prove to be the greatest transfer of wealth among a group of people this country has ever seen.

Erica Brenner
I am Micore'
Cedar Hill, Texas


For over 20yrs I have  spent  money on my hair not just   $20-$50 but $100’s.
But now with micore Int,  I can wear  the best of hair and make money  and be able to tell others about the great  opportunity to wear hair and make money with Micore Hair 2 Praise.

Eva Thomas
I am Micore'
Garland, Texas


I joined Micore International because I just opened my hair salon Dior Styles and we specialize in weaves only! So I wanted to have the best hair for my clients to purchase and wear. I knew with out a doubt this would be a good business decision so I signed up over the phone and made it happened. I know what it takes to start your own hair line and try to find a good vendor. This took all the hassle of that a way and I eneded up with a product that is backed by a warranty. It does not get better than that!

Shemika Lafitte
I am Micore'
Desoto, Texas


I am Vickie Hughes and I Am Micore.   After I turned 40, I knew I wanted to make a change professionally and personally and whatever the change was I wanted it to impact others in a positive way.  Last year I came across a documentary on how the black hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and was being robbed, didn’t understand the meaning behind that headline but after watching the 3 part documentary I saw the role I was playing in it with my own buying habits.  I wanted to have a part of that multi-billion, so I started researching to find companies that were looking for distributors to sell quality black hair care products, but most required you to be a licensed cosmetologist or beauty shop owner to do business with them and I wasn’t either so that idea faded.  Well that was last year and what a difference a year makes; while checking my email, I saw a newsletter and in the heading it read “OMG New Business Just Launched Get Paid To Wear Hair Extensions” and it was for network marketing!!  Very familiar with network marketing and never seen hair weave as a product line for any MLM company.  After a week of researching the management team behind the company, reviewing the quality of the products and the compensation plan, I knew this business was my answer professionally and personally.  Remember these words, "Where you spend your money is where you create jobs, and whom you spend your money with is who you empower.  We gave up control of a multi-billion dollar industry but we don’t have to lose control forever!!”  Micore is giving me and thousand others the opportunity to take back control.  It was a no brainer for me to join Micore International. 

Vickie Hughes
I am Micore'
Arlington, Texas


My reasons for joining with absolutely no hesitation and only 2 Google searches versus 20 initially it was; THE OPPORTUNITY. As I learned more about it I found that like Micore, I not only wanted to improve my financial future but also the future of those around me.  We all are fully aware of how much money the Hair & Beauty industry brings in because they take it directly from our pockets; right off our table; just take a look at your receipts.  I’ve been purchasing hair for over 25 years an investment with no returns. So when I was introduced to the business I knew I had to be a part of something this great.  Something so unique, top quality, strong leadership it was no mistake, everything it is and will become is exactly like me. So I joined because of who I am and how I see my future to be: Micore International is who I am and it is me.

Evonne Spears
I am Micore
Keller, Texas


I joined Micore because I wanted to purchase good quality hair and seize the opportunity to be a part of a growing business that I was already contributing to and earn extra income in the process.

June Trimble
I am Micore


I joined Micore because it seems to be a perfect fit for me.  This business opportunity literally dropped in my lap because I was just surfing the internet and some how Micore International popped up and caught my interest.  After hearing the presentation, I was convinced that this is a business that I wanted to be a part of.   

Lelia Ferguson
I am Micore'
Arlington, TX


I joined Micore International because when you have the formaula for succes that this company has it was a "NO BRAINER". That formula for me is number #1 a 12 Billion Dollar Industry, Hair Weave, Hair Extension, Multi Level Marketing, one of the best Compensation Plan and Timing it "just made sense". This is also a great way for myself and other's to put some of the 80% that we spend on these products back into our community.

Cathryn Finley
I am Micore'
Desoto, TX


When I heard the ad I knew this was exactly what I needed to assist my clients in the purchase of quality hair. I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, this is great!

Phyllis Morgan
I am Micore'
Plano, Texas


I joined Micore to take advantage of an incrediable opportunity to get paid to wear my hair. Unbelievable; but true, Imagine that :o)
Brenda Redding
I am Micore'


Being a professional stylist in the beauty business, I saw joining Micore as an opportunity to help enhance my growth and the look of my clients. Their product is great and one that I can stand behind.

Tamarra Prater
I am Micore'
Saginaw, Texas


My Micore Story:
I joined Micore’ because this business is going to be a window to the word to provide a way for us to get into the Hair business and open windows that were completely closed to us before.  The Hair business is a Billion dollar business that we can participate in and not just be spectators, but it’s not just the money side of the business but the human side of the business.  My dream is that this business will change and enhance lives and the standard of living for millions of ethnic woman in the US and around the world.  Thank you Micore’ International!

Sally Baldwin
I am Micore'
Dallas, Texas


Why did I join Micore? It was a no brainer for me - I love hair! Discovering Micore online one day and reading about the company, its mission and how it was going to revolutionize the Hair Industry became the fuel I needed to get on board. Before Micore’ I looked at hair as just an accessory, something to add to the beauty of an individual. After encountering Micore’ I can clearly say that not only can I add beauty, but I can  also add opportunity not only to myself but to others as well.

Kesha Cox
I am Micore'
Indianapolis, Indiana


Who would think a man would want to participate in a female denominated industry? I would…..because Micore’
International is a unique network marketing opportunity designed for thousands of women and MEN to earn income from the multi-billion dollar hair-care business. I was just thinking about how I could to tap into the hair industry because of the great deal of women I see wearing hair extensions, braids and wigs of all sorts. Short ones, long ones, blond ones, blues ones…….trendy hair styles every where!!!! Then out of nowhere a friend called and asked for my sister’s phone number to have her take a look at MICORE! Without hesitating, I seized the opportunity to take a quick look and immediately joined before my sister. It just made good business sense and I for one have thought countless times about how wealthy I would be if I could get a small piece of the hair care industry pie or “Get Paid Off of People Who Wear Hair”! Although, I don’t wear hair…..I know plenty of people who do. I also know plenty other guys and ladies who would like to get a piece of this pie. I am a professional Tax Accountant and networker……….

Warnell Dickson
I am Micore!
Chicago, Illinois


As a man l can see that hundred of thousand of women are wearing hair and this is a chance for me to chance my bottom line.

Dr Kemp Washington
I am Micore'


I joined Micore' to seize the opportunity to be a part of the 1st Hair MLM at the ground level.  I am a former Cosmetologist and entrepreneur that understand the concept of buying hair at wholesale VS retail and being paid to refer others that are already wearing hair.  It just make sense!  This is an awesome opportunity to become financially free and to assist other to do the same.  What a blessing!

Regina Washington
I am Micore'


My name is Angela Pitcher . I am a new Micore International Consultant & I absolutley love it! I joined for two reasons: I can earn extra income & get quality HAIR AT WHOLESALE PRICES. It was a no brainer! I spend hundreds if not  thousands on hair every year. Why not get a return on something I purchase regularly? With Micore; I saw an opportunity to earn my share if a billion dollar indusrty.

Angela Pitcher
I am Micore
Desoto, Texas


I Joined Micore' International because I saw a great opportunity when it was presented to me.  I have worked in sales nearly half my life and I can honestly say I never had a job in sales that I liked until NOW...I know a lot of people who can benefit from making money owning a hair business and this is definitely an industry where there is money to be made by all.  Just in my own family most women have worn or currently wear hair extensions.  I am excited that we finally have the chance to take back the hair industry and put money back into our own pockets, communities & families.  I am tired of walking into a hair store and being watched as if I am going to steal or their workers are not knowledgeable about the hair or hair products that THEY sell.  80% of their revenue comes from us.  All they want is our money and they don't even give back to the community.  They send it to their families out of the country while we go broke trying to buy their hair!  Now I have the chance to become a hair expert through the train am thankful that this opportunity was presented to me and I look forward to working with a great team of people who are all there to help see everyone succeed.  They work together I can just feel the love!  To me this was nothing more than a blessing from God and a great opportunity to share it with my friends, family...EVERYONE!!

Portia Gant
I am Micore
Austin, Texas


I joined Micore because I LOVE LOVE LOVE hair. I am a hair stylist in Desoto Texas and I do weaves all the time, and people always want to know "What is the best hair I can get?" Or what hair would you recommend for me to get, and i just really have to sit back and think whats the best hair... Most of the time i just tell my clients Cuticle Remy XQ but there isnt just a brand that i have just fell in love with at the beauty supply. I saw Micore as a GREAT opportunity to make money and to give people what they have been looking for... which is hair that will last long, wont tangle, and wont shed. I love the fact that the hair is virgin and it comes with a warranty... that is something that sets me as a consultant apart from the beauty supply.. & i love that. I also joined Micore because I have been wanting to sell hair for the longest time now and when i got the invite on my page that said "get paid to wear your weave" I just knew that was something I wanted to do.. & when I found out I could sell hair as well I was totally sold.

Avonti Flood
I am Micore'
Desoto, Texas


As a long term user of wigs, extenions, and other piecies, I have hair down to a statement.  As a Texas Lady means we love our hair because we love variety in our beauty. Being sexy is a hard job but someone has to do it. Grew up in the Ft worth Dallas area. Now living in Shreveport LA for the food and a new future with the MICORE TEAM.  I am "FIRED-UP & READY TO GO".

Ivy Polk
I am Micore"
Shreveport, Lousiana


I joined because I believe in network marketing and I have been waiting for a start up company, with a great product and this company has both. Hurray

Liz Wilson
I am Micore'
Dallas, Texas


I joined Micore because of my granddaughter. It made sense for us to become consultants, because she's always wearing hair or putting it in someone's head. She also invested time and money to attend beauty school. Now we have an opportunity of getting paid, for doing what she loves to do. She started by making her own wigs at the age of 14. Thanks goes out to my friend, Pat Williamson for introducing Micore International to me. I was so excited about this business, knowing that now, I can help my granddaughter in a financial way. It's all about the hair. As I was sharing this business with her, she got excited too. Here's a vehicle that's been put in place to allow us to share with others, and help them earn extra income as well. I also like Derrick Alexander's concept, putting the income back in the community. Get paid to do something you're already doing, wearing "HAIR". Personally, it makes me feel good knowing that, I can now wear "Good Quality Hair",  that has a warranty....what, who offers that? Look good when I'm wearing it, and getting paid to do so. May God Bless Micore International.

EMarie Collins
I Am Micore

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